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Terms & Conditions



gwadarib has positive Advertisement posting rules/rules, which are essential to be followed: 


1. Duplicate Advertisements having same substance or title are not allowed. 

2. Spamming is thoroughly prohibited. 


3. Ill-advised Content isn't allowed as referred to under: 

    3.1 Unrelated/gibberish/dubious Titles or Description isn't allowed. 

    3.2 Links to various Websites, Social Media and also email addresses are not allowed. 

    3.3 Only Verified Phone number can be referred to. Non-enlisted numbers are not permitted in title, portrayal or in           picture. 

     3.4 Inappropriate Picture: Do bar disturbing, fake or human pictures. Empathetically note, a record can in like                    manner  be thwarted depending on the reality of the case. 

      3.5 Stock/Internet Images: Advertisements having fake, nonexclusive and competitor pictures are not permitted. We        illuminate you to post certifiable pictures in regards to the thing accessible to be bought. 


   Limited Items: 


Sexually arranged material: Ads relating to things anticipated use in sexual activity are not permitted. Moreover, do without using a title with reasonable adult language, paying little regard to the thing. 

Online Jobs: Such Ads should have a proper arrangement of working obligations with occupations and endeavors described. Advancements without real Job overviews are not allowed. 

Local posting: All commitments to be in your residence country. Commercials posted using new IP(s) or containing new number(s) are not permitted. Basically, a record should simply contrast with one phone number. Different phone numbers are thoroughly limited. Competitor Ads are not allowed. 

Misleading Item/Service: Misrepresentation of Ad offer/content isn't permitted. 

Multiple Products: Selling various things or organization isn't allowed in an Ad. On the off chance that it's not all that much difficulty, post another Ad for every thing/organization with authentic Title, extraordinary Description, legitimate Price and clear Pictures. 

 Individual Financing: Financing isn't allowed with the exception of whenever tended to by a Reputable/Registered Financial Institution or Organization. 

Change of Product: Changing Item or Service in the wake of posting an Ad isn't allowed. On the off chance that it's not all that much difficulty, post another Ad. 

Purchase Ads: Posting Ads for purchase aims isn't allowed. 

Seeking Ads: Seeking is allowed remarkably in the Jobs order. 

 Addition of new Product: After posting an Ad, it's everything except allowed to add new Item or Service. Humanely post another Ad with genuine Title, incredible Description, fitting Price and clear pictures.. 

Relevant Category: Kindly post Ads in singular class of the thing or organization being sold. 

Multiple Accounts: gwadarib doesn't allow various records to be made on one single phone number. You can simply make one record on one phone number. If you endeavor to make another record, it will not move beyond and new record creation will be restricted. 

Ad length: An Ad posted on gwadarib stays dynamic for 30 days, in case it agrees to our Terms of Use. Customer isn't allowed to post a comparative advancement upon eradication until 30 days after the date of posting. 

Free Ad Limit: gwadarib is set out to develop its User's experience and to extra make our establishment a superior spot for Buyer and Seller affiliation. Free Ads posting is considered at this point. 

Huge: All things or Service being sold should be legal and allowed by Government of your country. 


Above Rules are responsible to change 

Always guarantee that your thing or organization being posted or any utilization of gwadarib stage is holding quick to gwadarib Terms of Use.